Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spots for MP3 have been filled!

We're happy to announce that the 5 lucky players for this year's Mythic Party event have been chosen. Their generosity in supporting this year's 501(3)(C), the Search Dog Foundation, will be thanked with them getting to play in 28 Turns Later, a custom created D&D game written/run by an industry game designer Keith Baker. This adventure will feature several sets of Dwarven Forge 3D terrain, dozens of Dungeons and Dragons minis, & character portraits from a professional artist. The Mythic Party experience culminates with a private toast over 35yo single malt scotch, followed by an afterparty catered by Whole Foods.

The 5 players for 28TL will be:
  1. Sean Pecor
  2. Vincent Catanzaro
  3. Daniel Lefebvre
  4. Michael Hay
  5. Akira Barnes, guest VIP
See you all at the (giant sized) game table!

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