If you can't play in 28RL/donate items towards the SWAG! or even come to Gen Con 2010, you can still help us help other people. Just spread the word about Mythic Party through Facebook, Twitter, message boards, & even good 'ol fashioned conversation.

There is also another important drive happening:

Ronald McDonald House Pop-Tab Collecting

"At the GfH booth, #627- *Many of you may know this already, but in case you don'...the Ronald McDonald House doesn't think pop-tabs are just tiny bits of aluminum.

For the folks at the RMH, pop-tabs are operating expenses. They are fundraising. Because they are recyclable. The *RMH of Indianapolis* collects donated pop-tabs and has them recycled for fundraising- they collect between $50,000 and $70,000 annual from just these tiny pieces of aluminum. That's enough to underwrite the cost of three rooms for an entire year.

GfH will be collecting your pop-tabs at our booth this year, and delivering them to the RMH of Indianapolis. The RCA Convention Center does not sell drinks in cans, so you'll have to bring any pop-tabs you have from home. But if you get them to our booth, we'll do the rest."

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