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"Santa Tark" Shirt Looks Like.
So how do you get to come? We're holding a silent auction. What that means is people determine how much they would donate to charity to play in the private suite game/eat delicious food/get SWAG! The 5 highest bids win 1 of the 5 player spots, with the next 3 highest bids becoming top 3 alternates ready just in case. There will also be a raffle drawing in the Exhibit Hall, the winner of which will be chosen for the final 6th player spot. Tickets for this are just a $1 apiece per ticket (no limit), available at the Gamers for Humanity booth, #627.

Thursday, 8-05 UPDATE: Colleen Green's red ticket was pulled by Akira Barnes from Windmill Games. She is the semi-finalist from the red tickets. Her ticket will be in the semi-final drawing with 2 other tickets: white tickets tomorrow (Friday, 8-06), then Saturday's blue ticket sales. From those 3 tickets, 1 will be chosen & that person will claim the 6th player seat.

Friday, 8-06 UPDATE: Perry Sharpe's white ticket was pulled by Christopher Slager from Slager Games (makers of the upcoming Joust Rummy). His ticket will be in the semi-final drawing with 2 other tickets: Colleen Green's red ticket + the blue ticket winner from Saturday.

Saturday, 8-07 UPDATE: Hansrrainer Peits won the drawing for today.

Bids can go to us via or Twitter or FaceSpace or in person at Gen Con; I'll be the guy in the 'Santa' shirt running around. You can revise a bid anytime (raising it or even lowering it) up until the 8-07, 3 PM deadline- yellow countdown clock tracks the silent auction. Please make sure bids include full name + reachable phone #. And also, that they specify whether your bid is for a player spot or the Assistant DM spot. Payments accepted include PayPal (+5% needed to cover their fees), money orders, traveller's cheques, cash/coins (receipts given), & gold-pressed latinum. Sorry, no more 1st born children.This page will be the official record, with updates going out via Twitter & FB. Highest bidder has 1st choice of character, 1st choice of seat at the giant table, & 1st choice of SWAG! 2nd highest has next 2nd choice of character, 2nd choice of seat at the giant table, & 2nd choice of SWAG! Right on down the line. In the situation of a tie, the player w/ the earliest bid wins that tie. Picks continue until everything has been selected. Those who have already bid will be sent 'Natural 20 Spot Check' emails notifying them of all upcoming SWAG! additions ahead of everyone else. This will be followed by notifications on, then through our Twitter feed, then through our FaceSpace page.


TOP 6 BIDS (as of Saturday, August 7, 3:33 PM EST)
$1,100 from Sean Pecor
$325 from Jamie Boyle
$301 from Jeffrey Landon Hatfield
$175 from Richard Whitney
$150 from Carl-Niclas Odenbring
$1 per ticket from 'Some Lucky Person' (drawing on 8-07)

And the 3 runners up become the alternates, standing by: $76 from Stewart Doris
$75 from Christopher Smith
$75 from Samuel Crider

There is 1 Assistant DM spot, where you get to be behind the screen with Keith Baker + learn the entire 28 Rounds Later backstory + run some cool NPC's. The Assistant DM will get dedicated DMish kinds of SWAG as well as inclusion in the design process for a professional version of 28RL + appropriate credit.

For the benefit of the game, the AD needs to not only have referee experience but also be very familiar with 4th Edition D&D. (Yes, there is a test) If you're not sure of your skill helping to run a game of this caliber, please consider bidding on a player spot.

The AD also needs to be available to come over to the Hilton, Suite #1014 by 4pm, so you can do prep work with Keith.

TOP BID (as of Saturday, August 7, 3:33 PM EST)

$600 from Jordan Pennington
$500 from David Stern