Frequently Asked Question: Who are you guys? Other than Keith Baker, I've never heard of you before.

Answer: We're a collaboration of gamers who have been going to Gen Con for several years. If you've ever spent significant time in the Dealer Hall, you may have passed by a guy in a weird-looking Santa shirt. That was me, promoting a custom character portrait service. Its been on the web for 5ish years & comes highly recommended: http://www.avatarart.com/Comments/

Frequently Asked Question: Ok, why wasn't this event listed in the Gen Con event catalog? Do they know about this?!

Answer: The original plan was to informally play 28RL this year & then next year make it into an official event. The the Gulf Coast Disaster happened. We decided it would be absurd not to try & raise $ to help this situation, so we fast tracked the process. Although we are not official, we have had conversations with Gen Con at the highest level. (i.e. Adrian Swartout, Gen Con LLC's CEO) Per them, Mythic Party is fully approved & completely sanctioned to be run. We recognize that without Gen Con, Mythic Party would not exist in its current form, & we are very grateful for their acknowledgment of us.

Frequently Asked Question: Whats this '28RL' I keep seeing around?

Answer: Ann abbreviation for the name of our charity event, '28 Rounds Later,' which is a custom 4E D&D adventure written & run by Keith Baker. (Although yours truly came up with the title)

Frequently Asked Question: Oh wait- its 4th Edition? I don't know/like 4E.

Answer: Keith chose 4E rules because that's what he's been using on his World Tour: http://bossythecow.com/hdwt/category/travelogues/about-the-journey/ I've played in one of his games & although I have the basement equivalent of a 3.5 game store, I had a blast & am now a convert. (of course it certainly helps KB is a pro at being behind the screen) We've deliberately set the character sheets up to be as friendly as possible, + certain sponsors will donate materials to help the gameplay move along. In short, come for the GM, stay for the story, & you'll enjoy the event.

Frequently Asked Question: Hmm. I dunno, your website seems kinda crappy. No offense.

Answer: None taken. Once we realized that the charities could be helped out this year, instead of waiting we forged ahead. Of all the things, the site is honestly the least important so its at the bottom of the list. However, we are continually updating it & if you come back tomorrow, something new should be added. Eventually it will have enough polish to bring out that new site smell.

Frequently Asked Question: Sure but do you guys have any experience with charity fundraising?

Answer: Actually we do. The inaugural Mythic Party in 2009 raised $177 for a non-profit conservation group called Rainforest2Reef. This doesn't sound like a lot until you know that we only asked our guests to give $1, & we definitely didn't have 177 people come. The creative team from AvatarArt later did a separate campaign to increase the contribution total to $500, through donating entire character commissions towards the effort. This pledge was then matched by the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, in effect doubling it to $1,000 & "saving a minimum of 56 acres of critically threatened jaguar habitat in the southern Yucatan Peninsula." The Rainforest2Reef's 'Tropical Tree-athlon' was held to prevent deforestation by preserving endangered areas to "create a wildlife corridor that will eventually connect three million acres of protected land." Link to our inclusion in their Giving Circle coming soon, until then their main website: http://www.rainforest2reef.org/ & Rebecca Miller, their Development Assistant, can confirm our involvement.