We're currently evaluating which organization the proceeds will be going towards. One of the tools used in the selection process is Charity Navigator to identify which group has a solid standing from aspects such as the majority of each dollar donated going to the actual cause rather than overhead such as salaries. Other criteria include the funds being able to help out immediately, that the group be non-controversial for most people (although we recognize you can't please everyone), & lastly, given the situation, also do something positive for animals/environment in the Gulf Coast.

Donations for the 5 players spots (or if you feel like otherwise contributing) will go to
Gamers for Humanity, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, incorporated in the State of Iowa. GfH will then officially pass them all along to the designated group.

For the 1 Assistant GM spot, the proceeds will appropriately go to the
Gygax Memorial Fund.

We are open to any suggestions: