Thursday, April 1, 2010

At Gen Con 2010, some took part in a Mythic Event...

Kieth Baker, Creator of the
Dungeons & Dragons
Eberon Campaign Setting.
WHAT: a custom 4th Ed Dungeons & Dragons adventure both written & run by Eberron creator Keith Baker featuring illustrated pregenerated characters, various gaming aids, plus multiple Fat Dragon 3-D terrain models. Catered appetizers & refreshments from Whole Foods provided. Plus piles of cool SWAG! to be given out at the end.

WHO: 7 lucky Gen Con attendees (6 players + 1 Assistant DM) chosen in online silent auction or $1 raffle in Exhibit Hall.

WHY: to raise $ for groups helping the Gulf Coast & the Gygax Memorial Fund, & in the process have a kick-ass time.

WHEN: Saturday, August 7th from 6pm-Midnight, with an invite-only Mythic Party immediately afterward .

WHERE: a luxury 1,040 square foot suite at the Hilton Indianapolis, 120 West Market Street. Room # 1014.

Adventure teaser: 28 ROUNDS LATER

You're a veteran of the Army of the Dawn.
Your unit held the line at the Toragan Gate.
You brought down the Count of a Thousand Corpses in Handakara Kal.

Today the task force has a target to hunt: an enemy of the kingdom needs to quickly be brought to justice. Mission briefing is soon, but the drill has become internalized. Strike swiftly/strike severely/strike successfully. Heavenly wrath is in your blades and spells, with the experience to use it. Lean and mean. A squad of ultimate badasses. You're a team and there's nothin' to worry about.

28RL is a Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure written and run by Eberron creator Keith Baker for 6 lucky Gen Con 2010 gamers (chosen via online silent auction) Saturday, August 7th from 6pm-Midnight in a luxury suite at the Hilton Indianapolis. Illustrated pregenerated characters, various gaming aids, plus Fat Dragon 3-D terrain models will be used. Catered appetizers & refreshments from Whole Foods provided.

Each participant will receive an autographed copy of the professional module when it is commercially released for multiple RPG systems in 2011. Each participant's name & accomplishments from the evening will be mentioned in the pro-version. Additionally, piles of SWAG will be awarded. All proceeds from this event will be donated to a registered charity (TBD) that assists the Gulf Coast oil disaster.