Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Over $2K in donations!

Thanks to the generosity of gamers at Gen Con 2011, $2,044 was given to this year's official charity, the Search Dog Foundation. SDF was chosen because they exemplify our win-win philosophy. That is, while these special canines rescue people in danger they themselves are rescued too. Every adopted dog chosen to start the training receives a Lifetime Care Commitment so that after retirement or even if they do not pass the test, they are placed in a loving home. SDF even monitors things & if that family can no longer care for the dog, another home is found.

We made a great start towards our eventual goal of completely sponsoring a search dog, which as a FEMA certified team, would truly become a life-saving resource. There are currently only 150 Advanced Certified teams in the nation but our country needs 336 (12 for each of 28 FEMA Task Forces). So there is a critical shortage of something needed during critical times. Mythic Party wants to help raise awareness of this, as well as be part of the solution.

We'd like to especially thank GM Keith Baker, sponsor Dwarven Forge, & top contributor Sean Pecor. Although Mythic Parties require assistance from literally several dozen people to happen, the above folks were especially critical for MP3. Our sincere appreciation.

And we're already hard at work on raising everything to the next Level for MP4.
Stay tuned for info about our events at Gen Con 2012.

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